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Adopted Brothers // Modern Crusoe // Joel Ansett // Sun Shakers // Michael Blakeman

Adopted Brothers – An Execution

Off of their EP ‘Delirium Tremens’, ADOPTED BROTHERS throws up sentiments through the air and says what’s needed to be said about life, love, and all the good things that happen in between. Growing up sometimes is a marching order for the heart and mind. It’s something that you just don’t want to do, as of yet – or fully. It’s the regret of not having done the things that you’d wanted, or in hindsight never got to do. It’s love for the past, that seemed to have cheated you of the happiness that could have bloomed. ‘An Execution’ is a dab of a certain feeling, most of us will never get to fulfill again. Might as well sing about it with ADOPTED BROTHERS.

Modern Crusoe – Wedding Bells

Chris Bindloss is MODERN CRUSOE. We’d spoken about hims as: “And just like Crusoe, the ship of curiosities sail to the edges of the world and stakes its claim. A personal vision of what it needs to be; urgent and dictatorial. Visions of the external, absorb into the vibrance of what, in combination, will amount to.” in his latest ‘Wedding Bells’, his indie-folk vibes shine again as the remembrance for the decadent becomes real and official, in the here and now for the song’s protagonist. Wishes, wants, new ambitions, and goals, deliberate in a new shining tower, built for the next chapter ahead. Will it succeed? Chris thinks so. Based in Santa Barbara, California, Chris has just begun his professional musical journey.

Joel Ansett – Toward the Pain

“This is a song about fighting with people you love,” said JOEL ANSETT. It is a song off of his full-length album, available now. Denver originating, Joel is as intimate as you can be in a song. ‘Towards The Pain’ is that direct shock and awe of being angry. Might have been years of frustrations that have mounted to moment. Or it might have been the first fight of a new and wonderful relationship. But it hurts. It’s necessary. It would have been imminent, in either case. So, might as well face up to a challenge of a lifetime; when things seems so unfair, and you feel you’re in the right. But it’s not only you anymore. You care about her / him more than enough to care about resolution, acceptance, empathy. Dollops of wishes, needed to move forward and learn – but together. Because life together is worth this moment of pain. Beautiful song by Joel, indeed.

Sun Shakers – One Atom (No Difference)

SUN SHAKERS is an Irish/English band based in Dublin. Psychedelia, funk, soul, and indie-pop gather forces through the embers of SUN SHAKERS. And through that empowerment, their songs are lined with individual encouragements of right and honorable. “What’s the difference…” is the crying reminder of ‘One Atom (No Difference) and the message of Universal attention to the fellow human beings of you, them, us, all are acutely presented and seriously within the lining. The funk/hiphop framed single, is pushed decadently with lead vocal Davina Brady’s 60’s psyche-rock like vocals, steadfast and ratified. This is only the 2nd released single of the band and you have to say they’re more than on their way. The band stated, ‘One Atom’: “is written from the point of view of a mother who is doing everything she can to make sure her children grow up in a stable environment in the context of the refugee crisis. It’s about the struggles of refugees and the tendencies of society to segregate, divide and discriminate against those in need of help and compassion.” Told ya. The band from the Emerald Isle is rounded out by bandmates: Conall Heffernan, Aidan Mulloy, and TJ Screen.

Michael Blakeman – Brazier To The Lake

‘Future’ is the experimental debut EP from Michael Blakeman. And ‘Brazier To The Lake’ is an exciting synth-wave / synth-pop invigoration of a track. With bold and dynamic vocal actions, the lyrics simmer and sizzle through the air, as the 80’s bound dark-wave-esque visions tingle your spine in emotions. After spending years on various rock and metal projects, the EP is Michael’s first foray into the sounds of the 80s. Indeed. Said of his first solo EP: “This release was a huge step outside of my comfort zone,” says Michael. “I’ve been involved with music for a while, but nearly all of that time was spent playing guitar in various bands. I wanted to push myself by creating something of my own from the ground up.” Michael is Perth Australia based, but will expand to the outer reaches of our consciousness, with wit and his notion for story telling. Dark souls, as well as the bright, can rest easy with this fab collection.


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