Adrian Morse Share Quirky ‘Vancouver Gurlz’.

Philadelphia based Adrian Morse brings us this thing of a song named ‘Vancouver Gurlz’. Yes. It has ‘Gurlz’ in the title, and it has acoustic guitar strumming, and it’s about some group of the fairer sex he’d observed. What an anthem.

And it’s gold.

New EP ‘_Mostly Fan Fiction_’ drops June 29.

We love quirky here at CHF. We believe that, because maybe, just maybe, we’re kinda jealous of the talent we listen to everyday. And in Adrian Morse, we think that sentiment is appropriate. Don’t get us wrong, probably, his brand of humor and odd ways of representing (and presenting) his music could be an ‘acquired taste’. We recognize that. However, for what it is, we think it deserves that accolade.

Have a try.


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