Adrian Sutherland ‘Respect The Gift’ : Personal quest to be the best he can be, is expressed in his music of equal plane.

Adrian Sutherland

An anthem of a global and very intimate of kind, Adrian Sutherland’s single, ‘Respect The Gift’, pushes forth a necessary creed.

“Respect the Gift is about using our ‘gifts’ for good, and not taking for granted the everyday freedoms and luxuries we have. There’s never been a more important time to appreciate all that we find precious, especially given the world we’re living in today.”

Continued Adrian: “Anyone who hears this song just feels happy, it has a positive vibe, and it’s a really great dance tune. We found this out when I played the demo for my family for the very first time. They all jumped up and started dancing – including my two-year-old grandson Ezra! It was a totally unexpected moment, and made us realize we have something pretty special here.”

Adrian Sutherland is from Attawapiskat First Nation on the remote James Bay coast and is a musician, songwriter, speaker, writer, advocate, and the fascinating frontman and founder of roots-rockers Midnight Shine.

A proud father of four, a grandfather to four, a hard-working husband, and a respected cultural leader, Adrian’s personal quest to be the best he can be, is expressed in his music of equal plane.

Rock on.


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