Adult Programming ‘YR FAULT’ : Is it working? Only AJ knows. Quick. Don’t let the cereal get soggy.

Adult Programming

Influenced by Interpol, Talking Heads, and of Montreal, Adult Programming delivers post-punk and new wave aesthetics with a fresh sense of humor.

The man behind this project is AJ Ruiz and he’s the one screaming stuff in your ear, while you’re trying to get some sensible sleep. Because, after all, you’d reasoned with yourself that your new job at the company starts at 8 AM and you don’t want to be late. But this incessancy (but attractive) in droning loop, ‘YR FAULT’ drills at your core and doesn’t leave any mints for dessert as a courtesy. It’s harsh, you tell yourself but you hate having to admit you’re diggin’ this song.

So, you rise from your bed and turn on your smartphone to ‘YR FAULT’, while you walk to the kitchen for a quick midnight bowl of cereal.

Born out of a gut-wrenching response to the contracts of adulthood, AJ is “dead set on freeing himself from the constraints of responsibility through his work.” AJ is exploring the emotional tolls of personal responsibility as irresponsibly as possible.

Is it working? Only AJ knows.

Quick. Don’t let the cereal get soggy.


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