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Afterthotz Shares ‘Somer Daze’. “Come On. Let’s Smile. It’s Not The End Of The World.”

“What are you talking about? The Rams are the best at defense!” said Jack as he took a swig of his beer.

“Are you nuts?! They are nowhere near the top.”

Jack and Steve had the same kind of discussion at Jack’s house front porch, every other day. Nothing to do with anything, but they just loved to hang and do silly things. Included was just talking non-sense to each other, then make fun of each other. Then again, make weird non-sense generalities of the world, and see if the other would be innovative about the rebuttal.

Then one day, a girl appeared. To be technical, a girl had put interest into Steve. And little by little, Jack would hear more and more excuses about Steve being ‘busy’ that day.

Her name was Rachael. And at month 2, she was Jack’s mortal enemy.

To get rid of the bad taste he’d had for a long while now, Jack decided to have a house party. Food, drinks, and more drinks were in order for this Fourth Of July festivities. The sun was out, shining and bright. Jack was ready to move on.

Rachael and Steve arrived a bit later in the party. Seemed like they had an argument. Jack was happy for a bit, for there was a positive.

The both of them looked miserable though, Jack thought to himself. At the end of the party, Rachael and Jack were at the opposite side of the party. Jack, deep inside, hated seeing this – especially for his best friend Steve.

“You guys okay?! Why aren’t you having fun??” asked Jack to both of them.

Then Jack simply gave them a hug each.

“Come on. Let’s smile. It’s not the end of the world.”

‘Somer Daze’ is a single from Gil Valles, Albert Mejia, and Michael Atilano of AFTERHOTZ. And it is a neo-soul-garage-rock fabulousness that we all should be exposed to. The vocals is smooth, the band is smooth, and to be fair – the song should be on a movie of some sort.

And that’s all we have to say about ‘Somer Daze’ (per Forest Gump). Simple. Direct. Goodness.



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