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Agata Karczewska Shares ‘November Blue’. “Deep as azure, her voice cries out in subtlety.”

Warsaw Poland based Agata Karczewska takes no prisoners. With her depth of folk-laid story telling through her songs, makes for decadence and substance.

‘November blue’ is a country-Americana deliberation in thoughts and feelings, of things for things’ sake and nothing else. It is that description of that gray, without trying to be blue all of the time. Collection of lively and dense lyrical work, the excellence of Agata’s telling stories comes through with wistful and powerful clarity.

The self taught guitarist and vocalist tries to do good with emulating some of the elements and traditions that her heroes Elliott Smith and Bob Dylan showed.

Off of her debut LP ‘I’m Not Good At Having Fun’, Agata’s voice anchors every notion within each and every song. The deft angles presented by her pronations and expressions, captures emotions and dangles the imminent and every bit of self-reliance. Her efforts to depict, without overbearing or nonsensical dramatics in her words, makes a song like ‘November Blue’ as pure as folk can be.

Agata’s power comes from the subtleties. And those subtleties come fully equipped to power with honesty and integrity. The words flow like the mountain streams collect for the rivers down below.

Dylan would be proud.

Always consistent, and seemingly perpetual.



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