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Agatha // Mountain Bird // Naya Liviah // Sawyer // Reece

Agatha – Funk Me

Like GaGa, there is an attitude of unbelievable levels with AGATHA. No premise. No prejudice. No expectations of you or your dead silent, open gape mouth reaction. From AGATHA’s fabulously infectious vocal intentions, blend with utter decadence in ‘Funk Me’. Yes. She wants to be ‘Funked’. And ’til sunset. Will you oblige? Will she accept your offer? A deal must be made to make this official. Dancing and living with the ‘funk’ of music is what AGATHA does. When you look at her on her social, you see that girl next door. But from her single, the vibe that we get is an utter indie talent, with that patented gumption for the quirky art-pop that is so subtle in her works. It’s pop that just sticks.

Mountain Bird – Clean From You

Mountain Bird (Adam Öhman) reveals the third installment to his forthcoming EP ‘DearBrainLetMeSleep’, the restrained and beautiful ‘Clean From You’. Adam stated: “It’s about trying to get that self-confidence back, but always being careful in new relationships, and wondering if it will ever go away. All relationships shape you in a good and bad way; we just think we can shape ourselves, but it’s mostly dependent on other people and their actions. It’s quite provocative if you think about it that way” Love is fickle, and sometimes a full on contact sport of virtual feelings and ideas. Big chance and statistically, it is likely that ‘getting stray’ will be inevitable. ‘Clean From You’ is a synth driven single that asks the questions of the self. You can’t control the other, but one thing you can try to control, is yourself and your emotional habits. To move on, you must ‘get clean’. Since his first releases in 2014, Mountain Bird has received radio airplay from BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq, Radio X, Absolute Radio, Amazing Radio, and garnered fans from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Clash, The 405, and Ja Ja Ja.

Naya Liviah – Higher

Naya is an 18-year-old artist from Toronto, Ontario. Born in Japan (daughter of a Saskatchewan farmgirl-turned-model and a Rwandan diplomat’s son-turned-DJ), Naya’s steeped in musical traditions that stretch around the globe. But her voice is an instrument that’s all her own. Naya has previously self-released a series of country-inflected indie-pop ballads and performed extensively as lead vocalist in the Durham Jazz Ensemble. In the best traditions of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande, the sweetness of ‘Higher’ is straight forward but dangles just like atmosphere. A loving deliberation of a lover’s expectation with a budding relationship, is up0liftingly offered in this single.

Sawyer – Emotional Girls

“We wanted the music video to visually show that when someone uses the label ’emotional’ to dismiss another person’s experience, a gross distortion of reality occurs,” the band explained. “The verses portray reality and the choruses portray the situation as the boyfriend sees it. At the chorus, Kel’s bedroom turns into a pink, fluffy explosion…By becoming what being ’emotional’ looks like to the boyfriend, the absurdity is revealed. At the end of the video, all of the girls have taken off their exaggerated makeup and clothes, and helped Kel take off hers. It’s a really empowering image of friendship.” Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor are best friends, fellow artists, and gals who know what’s what in this world. The ladies bring fun and gossip-vibe coolness in ‘Emotional Girls’. A tongue in cheek music video plays the part, as you delve deep into trying to remember if YOU had been like that. Maybe, maybe not, but acceptance is non-negotiable. Sawyer is a fab duo project. So much fun, and with Emma and Kel’s infectious attitudes, you’ll want more and more.

Reece – Last Time

“My music is who I am on the inside,” Reece stated. “It’s like you’re looking at me from inside of my head. Everything on my mind is in there. It’s hard to open up to people in real life. I use music as an outlet to show who I truly am to the entire world. It’s not about the cover art or what I look like. Focus on the songs.” Vulnerable, vital, and vibrant alternative music from REECE is a caress of the heart. In ‘Last Time’, the unquenchable hunger for the other, embarks on a thousand mile journey – lonesome but willing. Reflecting in the essence of being in a relationship, being wanted, being loved, being hated – all culminate at a small part of your being, being destroyed, but resilient. Sometimes, even if you don’t or can’t, you must take care for the next chapter of your life. “Sometimes relationships suck. ‘Last Time’ is about being able to find the strength to walk away when a relationship turns sour.”


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