AGE of the BEAR ‘Translucent’ : A flow of the westerly winds, push the boundaries of what can be hope in the distance.

AGE of the BEAR

From LP ‘Rivers’ AGE of the BEAR’s gorgeous single ‘Translucent’ is your next love.

Said “‘Translucent’ is about how traumatizing experiences can leave you feeling like they stole a piece of your humanity, and getting it back takes a lot of acceptance and self-reflection.

AGE of the BEAR is singer-songwriter Anthony Cubbage. The innate longing and ability to look deep inside the feelings of circumstances that we all can relate to, comes with force and wonder through the lyrics and vocal expressions of ‘Translucent’.

A flow of the westerly winds, push the boundaries of what can be hope in the distance. ‘Translucent’ and the LP, delivers in that profound method of joy and heartaches.

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Me looking for motivation to keep promoting the album. You guys want more music? Support me on Patreon for as little as $1 per release – that’s like maximum $1 a month. 1 overpriced water bottle. Half of a gas station hot dog. A really low quality mini hamburger from a fast food chain. $5 would be even cooler – now we’re talking an overpriced coffee at Starbucks, maybe one of those super cliche mini hallmark gift books that you read once and throw away. I know I’m making it sound like it’s not a big deal and for some people I totally understand it is, especially if you’re trying to save on a tight budget. Spending money can get scary sometimes. Anyway, If you want to help in other ways, share the music to people who you think might like it! That would also mean the world. 🧡 . Patreon link in bio

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