Agnar ‘My Sweet Darkness’ : “Falling asleep to the TV back in 2009 and exploring the landscapes in old forgotten dreams.”


Angus Woolston, most well known under the name Agnar, is one of the most forward thinking upcoming artists in the vaporwave scene.

Since the release of ‘Dead Childhood’ in 2017, Agnar has continued to push the boundaries of vaporwave and create their own style of music. Agnar was one of the very first artists to implement themes of 2000’s nostalgia and the previously unheard of y2k aesthetic into their music. ‘Dead Childhood’ became a cult classic in the vaporwave scene with its odd mix of genre styles and atmospheric world building.

After being featured on Musics The Hang Up, Sunbleach Media, Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe, and Radio Konton, and gaining support from the likes of Tupperwave, Pad Chennington, 3D Blast, Dan Mason, and FrankJavCee, Agnar returns with more sweet Y2K inspired synth goodness! Since their debut on the DMT Tapes FL label, Agnar has been making music with atmospheric world-building, repetitive grooves, creative sampling, and strong emotional elements to make a unique but also strangely familiar sound.

Newly released EP ‘Desperatedent’ is made to give off the feeling of falling asleep to the TV back in 2009 and exploring the landscapes in old forgotten dreams.


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