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Ah Trees – Do It All Wrong (Ft. Moody Beach)

Ah Trees’ Do It All Wrong is an indie pop song that is seductive, addictive, sustainable, and glorious. Moody Beach is a feature guest vocal in this song, but the song itself stands by itself, strong, upright, and proud.

The Perth Australia based Ah Trees boys came at us with indie-pop switch blades on this one.

We couldn’t escape, to be honest.

The song first grabbed our ears, with its long nails brightly painted red. Then our heads were dunked into a fish bowl, and got water into the ears – that were just manhandled by those red finger nails.

Yes, we were bruised, bit black and blue, but in a kinky way, we liked it.

Our semblance of worldly order was tossed down, crashed like the Jenga game toppling over. Our dinner dishes fell out of our fingers, because to be honest, those red finger nails flashed back into our thoughts.

The pop guitars, the dual vocals, the synth post, and resonating general sound made us weep with joy.

Anywho, take a look at Ah Trees, and their other offerings, too.

In our swing back to them, we’re hoping to get whooped again by this fab little band, again.

Kudos Ah Trees, kudos.

Love it.



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