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AHH OOH – Out of the Blue

Braving the tides of storms within his life, Maui based producer Ahh Ooh (Randy Roberts) sought to seek what helped him be musically. With only creative normality and limitations, he felt hamstrung. He had to get away. He had to pause – to see what really meant to be a the DJ/Producer he’d become. After 2 years of silence, Randy comes back with ‘Out Of The Blue’, a single that is a part of his latest explanation for the why and what. Enthralled by prospects of a new beginning, his single allowed him to start exploring new facets of his life and the DJ life, once more. Continuing his roll after his 2 EPs and singles in his last professional chapter, Randy stated: “I want to make music that destroys anxieties and depressions. I want to promote philosophy, futurism, trans-humanism and spiritual growth…I want to add another voice to the roaring movement of self improvement and self care. I have to help.” With shimmer and positivity, ‘Out Of The Blue’ regulates the undaunted, just like Ahh Ooh’s new found musical visions.

OVER – Mostly Plants

Digital. Industrial. Gothic. Poetic. OVER’s single ‘Mostly Plants’ gives shaded forms of psychedelia, injecting it into the forbidden, with a gentle smile of pleasure. And those pleasures of solidly chilled emotional knives, prepared in modern ambiguities, slice open the carcass of a sonically bound and reprehensible anointing. The Toronto based project, oozes in revelry, once its blackened fingers scourge through your visible aura, poking and prodding for the ‘real’ entity of ‘you’. Never vacuous, nor dismissive, the cold and distant digital tentacles, surround your very soul, never admitting to have you, but never letting go. OVER’s aim is to create that ‘new post-industrial stream of consciousness’, and in beat by every beat, ‘Mostly Plants’ gorges itself of your heart and inquisitive existence.

Terabyte – Cold Shoulder

TERABYTE is the artist who doesn’t belong…and is happy to be that different and compelling. It’s what she does. It’s her mission in her music. And when the Kallispell, Montana electro-pop artist attends your mind with ‘Cold Shoulder’, you’re unsure. Unsure of where this single fits. The single is an pop induced single with dip of dance-house and EDM. The twinkling at the edges, splurging in the central energies of the song, it’s no accident this is so. “I wanted to make something that was in a major key, and was high-energy and danceable—when I write, I tend to write in minor keys, so I like to challenge myself to make a “happy” song that isn’t totally cheesy.” Mission accomplished. However, as those major keys are doing their thing, the outright eccentricities of TERABYTE keeps constant vigil on what makes this project what it is. Never breaking its promise. Never allowing the world to have it succumb. TERABYTE is Terra Marotz and there’s no way of stopping the once of a kind artist. The latest EP is out now.

WizG – Talk About It

Vibrant love is what WizG’s single ‘Talk About It’ is all about. The duo of Josh Wizan and Kostas Garcia, since 2017 have been pleasing many a folks with their brand of expansive EDM expositions. The day isn’t going so well, and you need a remedy. A remedy that can perk your senses, and energizing the rest of the day. Coffee? Nope. That’s amateur. You turn up SoundCloud and you start to bop and dance, as all child within us will want to do. Our frowns turn upside up, and never look back again at the unrelenting day. WizG is there with you for the hard times. So, what are you waiting for?

Yume – Road Trip

Eighteen year old YUME is the vibe behind ‘Road Trip’. The debut single from the talented Paris based producer is the support for what has made the ‘French’ sound what it is. It dips into the chill notes waving sonic promises, contingent on the influences of the past. 90’s heavy vibe, with classic house sensibilities, drive the single into an unknown atmosphere. Colorful, vibrant, aesthetic, contextual – the young artist will be here for a long while, as us audience members, embark ever deeper into the artistic heart of YUME.


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