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Aimee deBeer – Billboards

The chorus does it for us. The emphatic vocals as Aimee deBeer sings with conviction for the signs and signatures in the sky of love – that is what gets the juices for emotions flowing. That’s what happens here with ‘Billboard’. “This EP revolves around reconciling oneself with uncertainty,” Aimee explained. “The act of walking into the unknown can be both terrifying and exhilarating; soul crushing and marvelous. As humans, we develop countless coping mechanisms in the effort to both squash and defend our vulnerability. This EP provides a space where, even just for a few minutes, an alternative reality becomes accessible and a space to shed all armor is found.” Her latest single ‘We Can Keep the Tires Spinning’ is also out now and it, as ‘Billboard’, continues to demonstrate the striking atmospherics of Aimee’s talents.

Joe Martin – Letters Of Regret

JOE MARTIN sings as raw as he does, when he strums and collides in honesty of his storytelling style. That exact collision is not of contradictions, but of the intensifying of the story via a stripped down, analog pride. The Lancashire UK based artist, grew up listening to Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt. And in ‘Letters Of Regret’, he tells of a protagonist who’d written letters to his childhood sweetheart, but never having enough courage to send them. The yearning starts with coincidence. That one spark, to think about someone from many years back, puts a slow but heavy weight on your shoulders. The slip into that emotion of ‘What if’ comes to play and you hate that it’s happening. But at the end of a life, the courage doesn’t have the weight it used to project, and that one thing that you could not do, is done. Confronting that one last piece for peace of mind comes to pass. There are many things that factor into living and not regretting your decision. But maybe, just maybe, we all should look at taking that risk, and look at it from a slightly different point of view. Before it’s too late.

Covey – Stable Now

Tom Freeman is the heart of COVEY. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist comes at us once more with the poignancy that he can deliver. ‘Stable Now’ is off of the now available sophomore album ‘Some Cats Live’, and it continues his legacy of magnificent story telling, un-infringing suppositions, remarkable resonance in his voice, and palpable rationality. The folk project founded by the British artist is a never relenting thoughts, put in to delicate prose, riveted into succulent and prominent dreams. The Brooklyn NYC resident, has immersed himself in the style of musical language, as his fans gather to vibe the reverberating truthfulness of his lyrical talents.

Redford – To The Morning

Polish indie-rockers REDFORD is exquisite in delivery with ‘To The Morning’. Cinematic (even without the music video), the message is melancholic, but alters the course, with driving undercurrents and a brooding vision, that is refreshing. “The song is supposed to create the impression of constant movement and taking different steps,” explained frontman Dominik Dudek. “To The Morning is a song whose message may apply to any of us, because everyone in life has moments when we’d like to move to the next day, forgetting what happened before. There are also times when you’d like to stay longer and postpone the next day for later. Many things happen out of our control. Despite adversity, we should always fight for ourselves but also enjoy the moments that are worth it.” Their new EP ‘The World We Live’ is available now.

Jack River – Adolescent

JACK RIVER is a bonafide rocker. Attitude to the hilt, with talent to boot, ‘Adolescent’ is a ‘boycott’ to many thing of life’s little challenges. Love and lust is always around us. Whether with a biological human being or with materialistic technologies that we can’t live without, in this case, both interject and interwind to make the perfect brew of misunderstanding and the aesthetics of infatuations. The subject is of the normal people kind. The music by JACK RIVER is presented in a way that is understated but rockin’, with little presence and with a zest for zings that helps it to put some hair on your chest. Guy or gal. ‘Adolescent’ is included in her upcoming Deluxe edition of her latest album ‘Sugar Mountain’.


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