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Aimee deBeer // Tidal Life // Mangled Jangles // cityGirl // The Bugles

Aimee deBeer – We Can Keep the Tires Spinning

Alt-pop songstress Aimee deBeer caresses effectively at our ribs. The ribs that protect our heart, our sense of ourselves, and our secrets. “You and I never saw eye to eye. But in heart, we just missed enough to tolerate”. And as the mass of the situation dwindled into insignificance, she pondered the degree of calamity deserved of such an occasion as this. It was a remarkable transition of such tragedies. It was a remarkably poignant but ironically laughable moment in time. Smiling and in pain, the dust of time, collected on her shoulders, hardening her happiness, as a stopped wrist watch’s telling of space and time. Will she break this trance? “This EP revolves around reconciling oneself with uncertainty,” Aimee explained. “The act of walking into the unknown can be both terrifying and exhilarating; soul crushing and marvelous. As humans, we develop countless coping mechanisms in the effort to both squash and defend our vulnerability. This EP provides a space where, even just for a few minutes, an alternative reality becomes accessible and a space to shed all armor is found.” Aimee thinks in swaths of the macro. The impermissible attitudes of the unknown, relegate some of us to freeze. Vulnerabilities are the norm. Finding a way forward, is the extraordinary.

Tidal Life – Endless Wave

John Sweeney is the mind behind TIDAL LIFE. Founded in his college dorm in 2014, it quickly expanded with the recruitment of Mark Savidge, with additional support of multi-instrumentalist and producer Ian Pritchard (Bot Garden, Poison Oak, For Everest). ‘Endless Wave’ is the 4th track from the band’s first full length album ‘Do Answers Come In Dreams’ (available now). The soft nostalgia is thick in emotions as the breeze of no return, evacuates your living and the breathing – turning blue with envy and utter sense of hopelessness. But you shouldn’t. ‘Endless Waves’ come crashing into your shore, but nothing – and absolutely – nothing can strip you of your bedrock principals. Solidarity starts with your own self.

Mangled Jangles – Fever Bones

MANGLED JANGLES is the sexiness that you’d been missing in your life. ‘Fever Bones’ is a single made by Joel Stovall, and the Los Angeles based artist takes every word and turns them into a beat-boppin’ rock n’ roll trip. The fresh vibes are a 2-for-1 combinations where Joel’s vocals dance and sway as you’re swept up in the insanity of fun. The psychedelic 60’s feel catapults the sounds into over drive. The guitars a jammin’ as the relentless percussions drive you forward and beyond the morning fog. Joel never stays put. His work is pop-pleasure to the max.

cityGirl – Curled

Starting in 2013, cityGirl, officially embarked on a mission of mercy. Musical mercy, that is. The New Jersey native, started a small band that year and hasn’t stopped making creations of his own. Stated cityGirl: “‘Curled’ is a song about the waves of emotions that go along with missing and losing someone. I’ve felt that these emotions can crash over you and flood your senses, causing confusion, fear and desperation. This song is a genuine reflection of my experiences with these feelings.” Introspective and fabulously full of invocations of decadence, the artist sings with the utter generosity of a love begotten then unrivaled with downtrodden guilts. We all miss the love that was beside us, all this time. We want to just love again. Is that wrong?

The Bugles – Give Up

THE BUGLES are just awesome. Fun, effervescent, positive, rockin’ – the band just gives it all up for the enjoyment of it all. They call themselves as a ‘funky-punk’ band and we agree with a big grin on our faces. Jack and Tom Blade (brothers) with Matt Newell, started it in university and kept on. Previously with the moniker of DEAF POETS, they gigged, starting in 2015. Mohsin Abbass and Siony Williams later completed the final band lineup, and as they say, all was then history. In September, their EP will drop and all heck will break loose, as the ‘happiness-apocalypse’ will come upon the hills of the UK. The infectiously fab band will get you dancing, to be sure.


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