Aimee Vant ‘Gnight’ : Stoking fires of ember in remembrance, the person inside… breaks free.

Aimee Vant

With two singles under her belt, Aimee Vant has garnered over 16K collective streams on Spotify with over 2K monthly listeners. Her timeless adoration for storytelling provides the signature call to her work.

“Through my experiences of pain I’ve observed that true euphoria belongs to those who are brave enough not to grow up,” said Aimee. “To be able to see reality as a blank canvas rather than a brick wall is a limitless advantage… I hope ‘Gnight’ reminds listeners how important it is to protect your inner kid.”

‘Gnight’ serves as Aimee’s third single to date.

Through moody indie melodies and calming vocals, Aimee speaks to her younger self, and apologizes for not protecting her from reality. Throughout the single, Aimee finds herself being reminded of the simplicity and lust for life through her younger eyes.

Stoking fires of ember in remembrance, the person inside wants to keep break free and live ‘again’.

‘Gnight’ was written by Aimee Vant and produced by Noah Hubbell.

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HEY YOU🍊I am very excited to announce that I’ll be putting out some music through @leestavall & the Direct-to-Vinyl Shut In Sessions campaign! It’s an incredible project & it’s like getting ur own lil live show (in isolation of course) 🌻Here’s how it works🌻 • 1. You click the link in my bio to preorder which song(s) you want me to play live 2. I’ll record a take of each song at home (I promise I’ll try not to screw up) 3. The live session gets sent off to @leestavall and they print it onto a custom 7” 45 vinyl just for you 🖤 • The songs you can choose from for preorder are “Orange Juice” as well as an 🤫unreleased🤭 song from the album called “Dear Anxiety”. Supporting artists is crucial right now & @leestavall is doing an incredible job at keeping the music playing. I hope you guys let me make your isolation feel a lil less lonely 🌿🖤 📸:

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