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Air Waves’ New Album ‘Warrior’ Drops April 6. And we can’t wait.

Ominous, androgynous, shadowy, inexplicable – some of the English language’s best attempt to describe the new ‘Warrior’ album by Air Waves. Well, at least that’s how we at CHF describes the album.

Take a scan of the songs within the album, starting off with the single ‘Pieces’, we’re swept into a subway train ride on the 7 train off to the wilds towards Flushing. Where the destination isn’t the crux of the trip. But the journey on the rails, between the trees made of concrete – ‘shadow’, ‘light’, ‘shadow’, light – columns of day light crosses and scrapes across your face.

In the song ‘Tangerine’, the folksy side of the band comes out to the fore, but with the layer of world pop dancing on your tongue of musical sensibilities. The sweetness maligning, and teasing down the buds of taste folicals, that says it needs more, and more.

And in another favorite of ours on the album, the song ‘Hold On Hope’ depicts a desperation for the protagonist to want and deserve a life that she imagined. With the possible significant other. With the possible significant situation. Or with the possible significant dream on dream of galactic karma, unattainable. But the truth of trying, comes through – for the song, and for the protagonist.

Nicole Schneit’s honest and warm vocals is the friend you need at that moment. Her voice understands. Her bandmates, help make that a reality. The songs cement it by the roots.

Necessity, basic rights, dignity, acceptance – civil causes that seep deep into the writings and music of Air Waves, turns on the faucet of determination; individuals and for groups.

With personal experience as the anchor to her philosophies in life Nicole said: “I feel like most of the people in my life, including myself, are warriors and have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to defeat.”


Air Waves consists of: Nicole Schneit (Vocals, Guitar), Brian Betancourt (Bass, Vocals), Blake Luley (Guitar, Keyboard), and David Christian (Drums).

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They’re rep’ed by Western Vinyl.



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