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Aish shares ‘Orcas’ from the upcoming album ‘Mother’ (March 30th)

To us at CHF, San Francisco artist Aish is Pink Floyd in ‘voice, strings, electronics and organic sounds’ – captivating, eternal, vast, at the same time local. The story of personal spaces, living in this Universal space fascinatingly pertains and packages the every day.

We think his outputs are glorious.

And we agree that this might come from his hardships growing up, family related challenges and very personal struggles with his existence in the local world. His sadness, intuitiveness, and efforts to grasp, then accept – continues, in some slices.

It’s so normal, however.

After all, we human beings have skeletons in their closets, and are not perfect. It’s the ‘norm’.

Hence, we understand the journey of Aish – especially through his beautiful musical journeys.

Don’t do this often, but the lyrics for this song is fabulous. Please take a look-see, below, while listening to the song.

All alone you wait for me watching orcas in the sea
I arrive with pop philosophies the weather, oh how you’ve been?
You reach for my hand, but all I do is draw circles in the sand

You, wish we were orcas in the sea
Wish I could erase, all of our memories
Maybe you will, maybe you will
Set yourself free

Sun behind the cypress trees drawing maps of our worlds to be
You live like no tomorrow, but I live like no yesterday, how California of me
I’m still searching for the someone, you seem to find in me

Right? It’s subtle, but the lyrics support such theory. It’s quite accessible, but at the same time, very poetic and arms-length.

Fabulous stuff.

“My current single “Orcas,” is about the simultaneous solitude and liberation in separation. I express this juxtaposition with solitary voice and cello expanding into a grand 15 piece string and choir ensemble.”

The new Album ‘Mother’ is due March 30th.

Kudos, Aish. Kudos.

Looking forward.



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