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Aisha Badru // Kevin Hansen // Amy Root // Steve Marino // Mark Winters

Aisha Badru – Prisoners & Guards

For her single ‘Enough’ we’d called songstress AISHA BADRU’s music ‘beautiful and poetic’, we’d also mentioned that you should try real hard not to ‘fall in love’ with her music. ‘Prisoners & Guards’ was released and is a staple for Aisha’s brand of sultry and positivity. “When I write music, I don’t really think about it. I let whatever light is shining down on me speak through me. I just go with it,” said Aisha. An inspiration, you might call it. We just think that Aisha’s just that fab. Try her music again.

Kevin Hansen – Believer

KEVIN HANSEN was born in the wrong decade. Or in a different way, the perfect decade. With classic rock sensibilities and vocals of pop brooding, Kevin’s lyrics from ‘Believer’ just surge out of the pages of your mind, with all of the vigor you’d expect from such harmonious decadence. Said Kevin: “Its a message about long distance relationships. Lots of people will tell you its dangerous and you’ll get hurt, and those who believe in it wholeheartedly get hurt the most. The song is about coming to terms with the risk and embracing that experience.” Kevin and ‘Believer’ are some of the gems that get less represented. An unfortunate kind of injustice. But music is good, in any kind of setting, and time frame. When it hits, it hits, no matter what the occasion. We think Kevin’s gifts will hit you the right way.

Amy Root – Alike ft. Klangstof

AMY ROOT will get you thinking. Thinking about your where you belong, where you’re going, and how you’d like to approach the here and now. The outfit indicates significance as large and poignant as Radiohead, Chemical Brothers, and Aquillo. Not yet universal, the collection of songs from the progressively EDM and indie-rock framing, just is built for our psyche. Our psyche of inhibitions, anxiousness, limitations, and human frailties. ‘Alike’ featuring KLANSTOF is one of those examples of succulent inspiration, which you need to hear again, and again.

Steve Marino – Six Two Four

STEVE MARINO’s vocals makes the world feel a bit more tolerable. With wispy nonchalance, his serious and melodic acumen to tell expressions of many emotions through his notes, is graciously beautiful. ‘Six Two Four’ is one of those demonstrations, which combines elements of surf and pop that just makes you feel at home and good. Groove that fulfills the notion of what empathy and human resiliance (of any degree) can feel like when tossed into a world of love. Easy, peasy – Steve makes the world go ‘hmmm’. Produced by friend Ben Lumsdaine (Major Murphy, Kevin Krauter), ‘Six Two Four’ is a doozy and a charmer. His newest album ‘Fluff’ is out now.

Mark Winters – Copper Queen

Don’t you love that chorus?? Poetic and shimmering, the classic acoustic vibe of the baroque tinged rocker MARK WINTERS just brings his song ‘Copper Queen’ to a boiling hotness. Yep. We hear ya. The song is a slow burner, but the song is an understated V8, where every change of the gears makes it even better and better. Smooth, effortless Mark’s single is a cool wind in your hair, with the girl of your dreams, laughing and smiling and just lovin’ as the sun sets on a great day together. Something that we all deserve to experience once, right?


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