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Aïsha Devi Shares ‘Dislocation Of The Alpha’ Single. New album ‘DNA Feelings’ Drops May 11th.

We can surely say that she doesn’t sound like any band out there. It’s a bold claim, but it’s a safe bet with Aïsha Devi. The beats and hurting ribs (because of the beats), mystical words just fall out of that brain of hers, and land majestically on our listening ear-laps. Transcendence, mysticism, and of the aether, is what her body of work is all about. And she scores all the time.

She’s an artist.

The gal from the alps of Switzerland, brings her distinctive Nepalese-Tibetan heritage and sensibilities to her lights of musical notes to the public. We can’t attempt to note what her creative process could be, but again, we’re sure it isn’t conventional.

In 2015 Houndstooth released her debut album, ‘Of Matter And Spirit’.

Now it’s 2018, driving up the the new album ‘DNA Feelings’, an anticipated experience, with much expectation.

Los Angeles at The Echoplex and New York at Elsewhere in May, are scheduled for her turn through the US landscape.

She’s rep’ed by Houndstooth.

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Album Track-listing:
01. DNA
02. Dislocation Of The Alpha
03. Intentional Dreams
04. Aetherave
05. Hyperlands
06. Inner State Of Alchemy
07. Light Luxury
08. Genesis Of Ohm
09. Time (Tool)
10. Time Is The Illusion Of Solidity
11. Cell Stems Spa


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