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AISTÈ // None Of Them // RINNGS // Juliander // Jordan Mackampa

AISTÈ – Money is Life

Shot in Lithuania and edited and color graded by Aisté herself, the video for ‘Money is Life’ tells an unapologetic light hearted tale of money and dreams and the battle in between. As ever the chameleon, you never know what you are going to get when Aisté comes to town. Vibrant choral exhibitions to exciting bursts of attitude, amplify all over the latest MV and the song that it accompanies. Aisté would admit readily that her work is more than just music. It is the culmination of experiences that have helped mold her attitudes, styles, and focus for what she’d want to do for the sake of story telling. It’s a small part of the Universe, but Aisté is all about the fight, and she fights above her belt – knocking out with a combination of exuberance and delightful exhibitionist musical vibes. ‘Money Is Life’ examines a sliver of all our lives, taking in the bad with the good. After all, it’s called ‘life’, and we have to make the best of it all, no? Heck yea. Aisté is a musical spirit you’d want on with you on this journey. So fun, she is.

None Of Them – More Than I Want

Producers MCs Signup (Zainab Lascandri) and Michal Ho (Michal Holy), are the minds and hearts for this vexing project of sound named None Of Them. Zürich based, the duo comes at us with ‘More Than I Want’, which is a taught and spicy, downbeat tinged, French-house blend that just makes a bit splash whenever you listen to it. From the frazzled and processed vocal effects, to the ambient trance beats and bass, the song makes you just want to have fun and f*ck. Even if the protagonists, don’t know yet they wanna. Although the story is a contrast of hearts, the outcome from the surrounding vibes, takes you to a jam that just takes you in an alternate reality.

RINNGS – It’s Coming Back

London based alt-pop duo, RINNGS (Karl Zine and Nai Jannson) returns. The duo stated: “‘It’s coming back’ is about intoxicating relationships, that feeling you just can’t shake off! There are some people who just make your heart flip and you’re drawn to again and again. The song is full fantasy escapism, it takes you to a place where everything is good.” Produced out of the burning desires of one then two of hearts beating in this world of worlds. ‘It’s Coming Back’ is that thriving feeling you have. It pulses again. For the one you love. For the life you want. For the task you desired most. It comes together to bring the confidence within yourself. Righteous and now, stronger than ever – that feeling of awe and curiosity returns. YOU have returned. The skies look differently now. The air tastes different now. In 2018, RINNGS’ debut EP ‘Glorious’ was widely supported by national press and leading music tastemakers, including The Independent, The Line Of Best Fit, The 405, BBC 6 Music and Phil Taggart’s BBC Radio 1 Chillest show.

Juliander – On & On

21-year-old Swedish artist, Juliander, toured with Zara Larsson, recorded music with Noah Cyrus and performed at Coachella. “I had never experienced love when I wrote this song,” said Juliander. “Love was only a hobby, with on and off relationships, but never something deeper. I always played it safe. But whilst I wrote the song I started to open up more and let people get to know me more and I finally found that special someone. And I just want the thing that we have between us to go on and on forever.” Pop and lock on to Juliander’s vibe and shades of tone and hue. Colors sparkle as his music come between the relationships of your and the real-you. It’s been a contentious relationships, no doubt. Needed a catalyst for change. Juliander’s ‘On & On’ might be that very stimulus you needed. Rapturous vocals, r&b vision, dips into the senses of priorities and behavior. “This is the first song that started with a production instead of a guitar or piano when I started writing it. Usually when I meet my team to discuss which songs to work on I play them on guitar, piano or a rough voice memo. But this time I actually had a demo of a production ready, a completely new experience for me. Since I’d never tried this method before something different happened lyrically and melody wise which made the whole song even more special.” Word.

Jordan Mackampa – Parachutes

Jordan said of the song: “‘Parachutes’ encapsulates those situations with people you’ve come across in life; who aren’t who they pretend to be and the person they are with you, isn’t someone you want to be around. However because you love them, either platonically or romantically, you’re conflicted by your feelings for them until it gets to a point where you don’t want to be hurt anymore.” We’d said of Jordan prior: “[His] supple and powerful juxtapositions in his vocal delivery, is the friend and confidant you’d been awaiting. From horns, to percussions, and of the orchestral strings and back up singing, the funk & groove of this gentle single ‘Parachutes’ is a beautiful example of complexity, delivered in gloriously simple attitude.” The use of the tools available to him, are maximized to a degree that is in a shelf of distinction and contemplation. You click with his song right away. No guilt in relation – no doubt in your commitment. Dance and slowly, with the one you love. Because you can.


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