Ajaxbeats ‘Remember’ : Danceable, gravitational, liquid, haunting. Kicks it into high gear.


AjaxBeats is a Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop producer whose music walks the fine line between dark and light. Inspired by his childhood in the dark streets of Bedford Stuyvesant and the uplifting camaraderie of the underground rave scene, AjaxBeats makes music that speaks to people on a primal level.

Off of his LP ‘HD4AFR2’, ‘Remember’ is the most drum/bass of the lot, which constitutes a fresh look into what makes Ajaxbeats tick when you’re not looking. A personality of endeavor and nuanced interests, the beats maker, delivers with hindsight shining and the future looking fabulous.

Danceable, gravitational, liquid, haunting – Ajaxbeats kicks it into high gear with ‘Remember’.

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🌄 Morning trash vibes 🗑

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