AJIMAL ‘ANIMALS’ : Continuation of evocative embers, as bright as the starts; flickering with ambition.

Ajimal / Photo: Fraser Taylor

Digital troubador, of angst and darkness. A touch of tingle, boasting in a realm of desperation and obviousness. It’s a realm that AJIMAL knows oh so well.

Fran O’Hanlon acquired the name AJIMAL in the aftermath of being caught up in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Whilst working as a medic in a field hospital as part of his medical degree, he found himself surrounded by citizens from all walks of life, including an infamous guest preacher who formerly practiced as a voodoo priest, under the guise of AJIMAL.

Beautiful, indeed.

Fran works differently. Basking in the coming future. Proud of where we all will be. “I wrote ANIMALS after the Charlie Hebdo shootings took place in Paris, when there were a wave of supposedly ‘retailatory’ xenophobic attacks on ordinary people across Europe.”

He continued: “I wanted to contrast these massive, beautiful orchestral elements with disturbing, unsettling elements… metallic scraped and distorted noises, really low frequency, pit-of-your-stomach sort of lows…for it to really pull you in when you listen to it.”


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