AJIMAL ‘It’s Real’ : Facet of emotional procurement and aura.


Delivered in a style of consequence and demure attitude, ‘It’s Real’ by Ajimal takes his art into another facet of emotional procurement and aura. A sound disinfectant for what’s the ails of prospects and potentials, an inspiration for ambition, sparks in this kaleidoscope of ballad notes.

“It’s Real was inspired by sci-fi films like Interstellar and Gravity,” said Ajimal. “I was fascinated by the fact that cinema has become so hyper-vivid and real that you can sit in a dark room for 90 minutes and be completely absorbed in a different world which is complete illusion – to all intents and purposes accepting it as reality for that time. So it’s basically about that idea of cinematic hyper-surrealism and surrendering to fantasy.”

Fran O’Hanlon is Ajimal and the new album ‘As It Grows Dark / Light’ releases April 17th.


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