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AJIMAL Shares ‘How Could You Disappear’. “Beautiful in its simplicity and complexity.”


AJIMAL delivers new ‘How Could You Disappear?’. The frailties of sight and sound, fixed on the pallet of grazing blindness of existing, the underpinnings of glimpses in temporary imagined death, falls of the raised bed of your waking hours.

The graceful single is beautiful in its simplicity and complexity of construction. The soulful synth-electronics add to the resounding vocals of AJIMAL.

AJIMAL is the project of Fran O’Hanlon. And he said about the single: “‘How Could You Disappear?’ is about memory and the idea of looking back on things that you might feel you could never forget, but which also inevitably warp and change with time. Memories are mostly lost, but they can also morph and swell into something completely different from the events that actually occurred. In the same way, some seemingly banal and insignificant things can persist for a lifetime. These can have a powerful impact on our subsequent behaviours, hopes and fears, for the most part in ways that we’re totally unaware of.”

Fran is a Doctor for his day-job routines. Fran O’Hanlon acquired the name AJIMAL in the aftermath of being caught up in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Whilst working as a medic in a field hospital as part of his medical degree, he found himself surrounded by citizens from all walks of life, including an infamous guest preacher who formerly practiced as a voodoo priest, under the guise of AJIMAL.

AJIMAL will play a series of live shows ahead of his 2020 album release ‘As It Grows Dark / Light’.

See him next @ The House of St Barnabas, London, November 21st.



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