AKA George ‘i want you’ : Vision and vulnerability resonates through the colliding aptitudes.

'I Want You'

‘I Want You’ is a no exception, undulating musical fire. Combining bass-heavy beats with hook-laden synths and AKA George’s distinctively alluring vocal, I Want You is a fully charged slice of dark-pop that will send shivers down your spine.

AKA George stated: “Sometimes I get in a dark mood where I feel deeply unsatisfied. ‘I Want You’ is about a deep hunger. It’s about being hidden away and emerging from that isolation with an almost ruthless need and the freedom to express that need without having to conform to social niceties.”

The 1975 and Billie Eilish kinds of vision and vulnerability resonates through the colliding aptitudes of AKA Geroge’s state of mind and soul. A daring piece of ‘come-hither’, a tantric whisper of dangers unparalleled, awaits the unassuming at the end of the darkened rainbow.

There AKA George is ready for you.

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