AkaHendy ‘Everything is Never Ending’ : Will lure you in. Building suspense, through and through.


Like a siren call, AkaHendy’s ‘Everything is Never Ending’ will lure you in. Building suspense by strategically placing together sounds from clinking to dripping and whirling, his latest number radiates mystery. ‘Everything is Never Ending’ is an intransigent collision in melodic electronica composition.

AkaHendy’s unique sound-flavour charts new territory in the world of EDM with rhythmic, trance-like bass and a feel-good, new-school, progressive sound.

Described as brooding, soulful, rich and luxurious; it’s listening that’s curated for both dancing and deep-thinking.

He satisfies the sweet and salty ear by combining delicate, melodic and soothing sounds while delivering an atmospheric, bass-infused beat. Each song tells an immersive, symphonic story.


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