AKiVA the Band ‘SAY SHIT’ : Lifestyle for the go-getters of the world.

AKiVA the Band

‘SAY SHIT’ is a lifestyle for the go-getters of the world. With an intro reminiscent of 90’s rock anthems the song explodes with fierce emotion. Heavy riffs, hip hop textures, and a whole lot of attitude.

The 3 piece set out of Tampa Florida, has spent the last three years building its foundation for you, the listener. From High School dreamers working out of a garage to young artists sharing the stage with influential musicians, AKiVA understands homegrown and hard work.

With Florida vibes and the infusion of sunshine, AKiVA the band has a reggae-rock vibe that will keep you captivated and movin’. With metaphorical music and passionate lyrics, it is hard to ignore the essence of who these artists are. They play hard, so you feel seen.

Jacob Hales, Joshua Smith and Will Drake makes this project growl. The single is the 4th track off of their debut album ‘The Heart’ (out now).


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