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Akua ‘PLEASE NEXT’: Take us to that place, no matter what.

Akua’s Please Next is a breath of fresh air coming from the indie-rock scene in Seoul, South Korea. And we’re really glad, in starting to get to know them better.

The song is a cool breeze in the white beaches of a some other worldly island, only in one’s mind, without a care in the world.

You watch the sun, beating down on your friends, while the fire cooks the day’s end, meal.

Sizzle, sizzle – sizzling of the fat that harnesses the carcass.

The wind from the Pacific, hounds your body – you shudder in the warmth – too much warmth.

The sky sees no bounds. Clouds not visible.

Blue as the eye can see, and no birds in sight.

What is happening?

Is this a dream?

I can’t wake up.

I’m frozen in time.

It’s a prison, in a paradise of mind.

It’s no vacation, you want out.

There’s no heaven, without the dirt.

Let me out.

The band is fab, and looking forward to even more from them.

We dig lots – and you should try them out.



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