Alan Barnosky ‘Lonesome Road’ : Bustle and dance to the rhythms.

Alan Barnosky / Photo: @mickschulte

Durham, NC (by way of Michigan) flatpicking guitarist and songwriter, Alan Barnosky, expertly crafts Americana songs that detail the life of a modern troubadour. True dat. And when he sings and plays, you will be rocked to bop in that bluegrass method, in a hurry. From traditional fiddle, to the trippin’ instrument to instrument communication, the tales of heart and real life, comes alive by the fingers and efforts of the project.

Said Alan: “It’s generally bad advice to run away from your problems,” he laments with a smile. “But once in a while a shift truly is needed and it’s time to cut your losses.”

Yep. Take a shot from life, and get up for the next round. That’s a common theme, and as a general life lesson to live by – it’s a sound one. With Alan’s single, though, that nick from the sharp elbow in life, doesn’t have to be all sadness and gloom.

Let’s bustle and dance to the rhythms of Appalachian grit, with ‘Lonesome Road’.

It’s only ‘up’ from here, yo.


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