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Albano Spa Shares Music Video For Single ‘Hot Wax’. “Get in. The oddity is welcoming.”

Music video from ALBANO SPA? You never knew you’d wanted to see it, but it’s here. In all of its glory and in all of its ALBANO SPA’s odd and weird goodness.

If you think about it, the music video is a tame beast compared to their singles or or their debut EP ‘Mrs. Pumpernickel. If you want to rank from ‘oddest’ to ‘most normal’, it would be:

(1) This here music video.
(2) The audio single of ‘Hot Wax’
(3) The EP that is ‘Mrs. Pumpernickel’.

Of course, in the CHF universe, it is more likely that the ‘awesomeness’ factor is padded even further, when the ‘oddity’ is meticulously and gorgeously mixed and produced.

Anywho, we think that’s what ‘Mrs. Pumpernickel’ is, and all of its offerings.

Besides, we’d gotten to know a bit more about ALBANO SPA back about 2 months ago, and we’d called them in part: “…a Universe unto itself.”

Continuing our thoughts: “It’s like when you look at a staggered tire/wheel set up of a sports car. It’s odd, because you don’t see it at the local super market much. But it’s attractive for it proposed zeal…It’s like the gal you admired, getting that boy’s haircut. Then when you look at her you want to say that it’s not attractive, but to be honest – anything on her is attractive to you…It’s like loving pop music by Englebert Humperdinck, but you’d never admit it to anyone. Even to your dad who you first got wind of the artist. The mutton chop on the younger Englebert was something else.


We think you should try a dollop of ALBANO SPA. We think it’ll do you good.



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