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Albert Hammond, Jr Shares Single ‘Far Away Truths’.

Can ALBERT HAMMOND, JR. continue his trek towards indie-rock nirvana? Well, if he keeps putting out songs like ‘Far Away Truths’, he’ll keep the ship on the right direction, that’s for sure.

‘Far Away Truths’ is a return to the classic early 2000’s indie-rock infatuations we all had back then. The energy is indicative of the decade, with fabulous lyrics accompanied by just surge of continued rockin’ fun. In this single, Albert keeps it on that narrow highway and keeps on keepin’ on.

With this single, you can’t help but jump around, like a fool, and everyone will dig your dancing moves – for it’s a gem. Your knees are impervious to the pain, because you have to thump to the rhythms and the vibe it spouts.



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