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Album Of The Week: Self Help Releases New EP ‘Birthdayboy’. A Refreshing Punk, 5 Song Inhibition.

With elements from many decades past and for many, forgotten, the band of music lovers in the band ‘Self Help’ is continuing their journey towards serving healthy doses of refreshing punk chops, hard-rock metallurgy, and new angles at looking at what cool music could be. This Oxford England quartet is super-duper.

The EP is ‘Birthdayboy’ and it’s our Album Of The Week.

From ‘Hungover Jones’ primal growls of the 3rd person narratives and life’s description of the banal, to the gun-toting tommy gun firing of riffs in ‘Trope’, to the quixotic and humorous ‘conversation of confusion’ in ‘Sensation’ – the album sets itself apart in depth, perspiration, attitude, and just good old fashion FUN.

The band consists of: Danny Jeffries (Guitar/vocals), Sean Cousins (Guitar), Lizzie Couves (Bass), and Silke Blansjaar (Drums).

The vocals of Danny Jeffries starts the band off on a high, every time and every song. With some notes hitting extremities around where Blue Oyster Cult’s 80’s past could have been, the band just has the refinement that is very under-appreciated. This is evident even from the first EP ‘Always Trashy In Fillydelphia’ from mid-2017, which demonstrated clearly where they were and where they wanted to go musically. The accomplishments are fabulous, from our vantage point.

Their sound is mature, riotous, substantively presented, classic – the ingredients that seems unbelievable, but so true about this garage band.

So, here we are in 2018 and they have stepped up bigger on this latest offering of ‘Birthdayboy’. It’s a bit harder, bit deeper-dish, bit more ‘I don’t give a f*ck’, but all in a good and family oriented, tongue in cheek, way. We’re sure the band can go ‘even harder’, but they choose not to. And we can feel their reluctance, for they ‘go hard’ when it’s necessary and not just because it seems sensational.

Word. And what a delicious contrast.

The individual band members are super talented and great at what they do, with the chemistry producing some compelling and noticeable outputs – which we at CHF, really appreciate and adore.

We’re fans!

‘Birthdayboy’ dropped and is available now for purchase [HERE].

Their next outing is @ The Cellar, Oxford (March 23, 2018). Get tickets [HERE]


Track List:
Hungover Jones
Burk the Turk


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