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ALBUMS IN THE ATTIC #10: Kanye, Kid Cudi, Drake & Panic! at the Disco.

Here we go again. Albums in the Attic are back on your airwaves. This week we’re discussing the year so far in music, which features a debate on GOOD Music’s recent releases, our top records of the year and album reviews in the form of Drake & Panic! at the Disco. Also, Raf places one of last year’s best albums in the Attic Collection.

We at CHF are excited to announce (and debut) a new partnership with the Brighton, England based podcast ALBUMS IN THE ATTIC! The podcast is the project of Raf Batchelor & James Maitre, and in our eyes, a fabulous testament to fab music commentary, where seriousness about music merge beautifully with the kind of understated entertainment & fun, perfect for our dainty ears. The duo submerge deep into albums, tracks, festivals, events, music news, and current affairs, locally and from around the world.

So join us here at CHF for new episodes from Raf & James!

You really should.

Albums In The Attic


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