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ALBUMS IN THE ATTIC #17: Haley Heynderickx/Max Garcia Conover, Black Peaks & A Star Is Born

‘This week on Albums in the Attic, Raf and James discuss the album announcements from Anderson .Paak and Maggie Rogers, there are live reviews of Lets Eat Grandma & S. Carey and album reviews of Black Peaks, Haley Heynderickx/Max Garcia Conover and the soundtrack to A Star Is Born. Also, the theme for the Attic Collection is ‘Guilty Pleasures’ as Raf and James both add records and discuss their ideas of that very concept.’

Maggie Rogers
Black Peaks
Lets Eat Grandma
S. Carey
Anderon .Paak
Haley Heynderickx
Max Garcia Conover
Thirty Seconds To Mars

We at CHF are excited to announce (and debut) a new partnership with the Brighton, England based podcast ALBUMS IN THE ATTIC! The podcast is the project of Raf Batchelor & James Maitre, and in our eyes, a fabulous testament to music commentary, where seriousness about music merge beautifully with the kind of understated entertainment & fun – all perfect for our dainty ears. The duo submerge deep into albums, tracks, festivals, events, music news, and current affairs, locally and from around the world.

So join us here at CHF for new episodes from Raf & James!

You really should.

Albums In The Attic


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