ALEC ‘EAT THE RICH’ : “It is time for us to take back control. There’s only one thing left to do.”


As technology makes our local lives comfortable, a global life becomes more complicated and often shows fractures and fissures of degradation of past norms and mores. ALEC sustains that fact of this current age, folding nuanced commentary and then invigorates the essence of arguments, with palpable rock tinged anthems in self-reflection and action.

“This track is the embodiment of the rage, generated over the past few years in the UK,” ALEC amplified. “The government continues to take advantage of those with little and wants to keep it that way. This song is a response to the current political climate. It is time for us to take back control. There’s only one thing left to do, ‘EAT THE RICH’.”

ALEC’s use of multiple genres, with an understated but immediately recognizable vibes, collect the listener’s consciousness as the hooks dig deep into your existence. Nurturing viability with justice, ‘EAT THE RICH’ salivates with momentary anger, anxiety, frustrations, and manic depression for what is NOW.

Will there ever be a solution for today’s ails?

Conversation and action must be deployed. Circulation of ideas, is the starting point.


His debut project ‘I Feel Lonely, Outside’ released in April 2019. He continues to collaborate with those around the world to further his sound and style.

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from the north-east but can’t afford a north face

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