Alec Gaston ‘Waiting Tables’ : Graft rhythms of your personal most, into a song drenched experience.

Alec Gaston

This is a single off of Alec Gaston’s latest LP ‘You Really Blew My Mind’ (out now). Co-produced by Kevin Basko (Foxygen, The Lemon Twigs, Jackie Cohen, RubberBandGun), the synonymously elegant album of beautiful tales in soul and psychedelia graft rhythms of your personal most, into a song drenched experience.

This song in particular is very chill, mac demarco meets Pet-Sounds – a very vibey journey from the perspective of a Waiter in NYC which Gaston had been until the onset of COVID-19, a real recipe for the times. This track along with the rest of the album was recorded live directly to 2″ tape which is a large part of the nature of the album and the sound.

With his vocals, at times – and charmingly – showing shades of Chicago, Prince and Stevie Wonder – a twist of revelry, dance in the dark while the world spins into being. The patterns of the significance is something that brews with antithesis and moving waves in silence.

A silence of becoming. A wish of defying. A soul of which is stuck, but always was deserving of such small freedoms.

Alec’s wonderful sounds, gleefully dangle in the city lights, of a fantasy or reality.


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