Aleksander Waaktaar ‘Stranger’ : That come in our lifetime… in anticipation.

Aleksander Waaktaar / Artwork: Kristoffer Eidsnes

” All Wrong, is in many ways, an attempt to sort out my thoughts and to reflect over where i am in my life, so far. In the beginning of the writing process I wanted to create something simple and vulnerable, but the album slowly turned more sonically complex with a bigger soundscape than expected. All Wrong is produced and mixed by Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne from Pom Poko. We both had an open approach to the production and arrangements, and hopefully that’s something that have reflected back to the tracks and on the album as a whole.”

Combining Waaktaars classical songwriting the beautifully built ambience of this 9-piece album ‘All Wrong’. Aleksander’s uncanny vibes exudes with rainbow harmonies and delicate sense of the past and future. A preamble for how we feel for those things that come in our lifetime, in anticipation.

Aleksander Waaktaar is originally a composer and arranger with a background in classical and jazz composition, and has among others worked with the Oslo Philharmonic, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra (KORK) and the Arctic Philharmonic.


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