Aleksander Waaktaar ‘Wait’ : Rainbow harmonies and delicate sense of the past and future.

Aleksander Waaktaar

The bitter-sweet tragedy of an old film of your mind. A gentle crack of a love that should have been forever. A tale of what might have been, painted in a wonderland of colors in emotion. Aleksander Waaktaar’s ‘Wait’ is that cause for delight as it flies into the face of reality and submissive fantasies.

Wait is a song about postponing small and big things and it’s the 3rd single from Waaktaars debut album (produced by guitarist Martin Miguel Almagro Tonne from Pom Poko).

Combining Waaktaars classical songwriting the beautifully built ambience of this 9-piece album ‘All Wrong is set for release on April 24th.

Aleksander’s uncanny vibes exudes with rainbow harmonies and delicate sense of the past and future. A preamble for how we feel for those things that come in our lifetime, in anticipation.


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