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Alessi’s ark – Cut the Cord

Come to my mind, where are you? Can you understand? Can you see my heart? This is where Alessi’s Ark’s Cut The Cord takes us and we begin swimming together, dog paddle, to the shore, tired but full of hope.

We can say that Alessi Laurent-Marke’s Alessi’s Ark project isn’t just PoP. What we at CHF think her music is: ‘glorious pop’. We think that is a badge of honor and we clap for her accomplishments. Because to our sometimes one-direction minds, being pure pop is a different world than being indie-pop. We at CHF appreciate both worlds, for different reasons – but Alessi’s Ark will be hustled into our “indie-pop” world. “Glorious Pop” has a great ring to it. LOL.

Anywho, why does that matter so much? Simply: we’re weird that way.

We love her songs, and guess we just need an excuse to talk about her a bit. Can you blame us??

Her voice is calming. Right? We think it sometimes induces us to coma – the good kind – if there is such a thing. It’s sensual, but direct. It’s indirect, but well intentioned.

Her lyrics are lovable, but touch in a weird way, it pricks you.

Her songs are contrasts, folded in a vacuum of fuzzy wrapping paper.

Oh the irony (we know we used the term in wrong context lol)!

Ok, too much weird talk from us. She’s one of the gals we follow. And you should too. Many already are.

She’s been featured by Line Of Best Fit too.



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