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Alex Bloom – Sunrise

Alex Bloom’s Sunrise is a folk driven ballad for your heart. Take that cloud, into the 8th. It will make you feel good. Real good.

Looking like the pretender, you are the marker to my future.
Come with me, take me with you.
It’s unfair to travel alone, beckon my feelings within.

Just like a ballad sang for one’s beloved. The song is an under 3 minute remembrance to a better world, in which, together, can conquer the little patch of serenity we can muster.

Take a look at the beating sun, hitting and slapping against your hard working neck line. Let’s dig, let’s move – intensify our efforts.

We can conquer.

Bloom’s rendition is short, but is direct in its approach. And that helps in the message it carries.

However, the message is not deposited (figuratively) for the End of the song, the conclusion of it, is up to the listener.

The listener makes that mark. “Enter” or “Exit.

Check one.

Looking forward to more from Alex, in the coming months.



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