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Alex Cameron – Runnin’ Outta Luck

Once in a while, we kick ourselves for not being astute enough to know, when a band like Alex Cameron, lives in this world. But we pat ourselves on the back, a bit, for loving the band so (better late than never, we always say). Alex Cameron’s Runnin’ Outta Luck is genuinely a genius song. It’s dirty, weird, loving, hateful – taking late 80’s radio pop elements to new levels. It’s such a satisfying song.

And we’re in love, actually.

The song is something out of a war chest. It’s gritty, but soft. It’s sophomoric, but sophisticated. It’s harsh, and gentle. It’s odd, and catchy.

It’s just something that we needed to hear this day, and AC didn’t disappoint.

Alex Cameron is a duo (Alex Cameron & Roy Molloy) hailing from Sydney. And the band mixes many sub-genres of indie pop (including elements of synth and electronica) to display sensibilities in music making; holding you, loving you.

Alex and Roy are one of those combo duos that we can’t help but support and root – for their success and long running, producing awesome music for people, like us at CHF, to like/love/adore.

And on top of that, take a look at the band’s videos, and we were thoroughly fascinated and entertained by their aloofness and dedication to their band personas.

Kudos Alex & Roy. Kudos.

Without being obvious, we’re really into this band, and we dig it – lots.

The duo is fabulously rep’ed by Secretly Canadian, the mega indie record force from up north (USA that is).

It’s a good thang.

Check ’em both out!



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