Alex Charles ‘Maybe’ : Tight ambles, and stories that touch. Offers poignant songs and revelry.

Alex Charles

Multi-talented solo pop artist Alex Charles brings variations of pop, his variations of jazz and rock infusions, ultimately bringing new dimensions in art and entertainment.

In Alex’s new single, he reminisces about a past relationship including painful memories, personal shortcomings, but most of all what he misses most from the relationship. Said Alex: “the overall message of the song is despite everything we went through, I still ultimately miss this person.”

The song features dreamy retro synths, some indie alternative accents and a driving trap beat.

Originally from Millburn, New Jersey and currently based in Los Angeles, Alex has released several EPs and Singles including single ‘Do You Still Think of Me?’. As a saxophonist, Alex has worked with well-known artists such as Camila Cabello, T-Pain, and Kat DeLuna. Alex also composes music for one of Warner Brother’s music libraries which has resulted in hundreds of placements, most notably writing, producing and singing on several spots for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

With tight ambles, and stories that touch, Alex continues in his quest to offer poignant songs and revelry.


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