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Alex Dunaway // catchtwentytwo // Fragile Animals // Fred Slacker // Damien McFly

Alex Dunaway – Undone

Words from Alex Dunaway are picturesque as that pastel oil painting, you’d always watched in your mind. Flowing dress, with a grace of gaze, Alex brings emotions easily and with heft in her beautiful vocals and single ‘Undone’. Alex’s lyrical work is just beautifully crafted, and when amplified with her very expressive vocal tone, there’s just a very consuming power that can be felt. She shines down lights of extraordinary charm and vision. ‘Undone’ is a duo single print that includes her other single ‘Unwind’. Both beautiful in their tailored acumen, they tell of stories, focused in the minute but complex. Inevitably complex of our feelings and individual personal grip of life. After the holidays, go see beautiful Alex next @ Cougar Vineyards and Winery Temecula, CA, January 10th.

catchtwentytwo – Run Away

Balancing between the exasperating and the malignant hype of love and the ease of perpetual ignorance, we bring love to the fore, bearing, likened disintegration in reason and logic, as an after thought. Rigorously diligent vibes of ‘Run Away’ is the latest from Broward County, Floria artist, catchtwentytwo. An r&b frame of thinking, brazened with the taste of pop and indignant revelry, ‘Run Away’ relegates your heart with tempting salutations and inexhaustible possibilities. CTT said: “”I wanted to do something electric feeling, energy.” The understated drone of the single, matches with the effervescent gray of the vocals, to delight with tang pallets that relate to our very lives. Not much is known about CTT, but from what we gather, and from this single, there’s more to come, indeed.

Fragile Animals – Waiting

Victoria Jenkins, Kyle Shipton, and Daniel Parkinson are Fragile Animals. “So many of the people I worked that day, as well as the friends I caught up with that night, were seriously struggling with their mental health and things going on in their lives.” Victoria explained.“It just felt so messed up. How have we created a society where so many of us are legitimately not coping?! For me this song lyrically carries the weight of all of that, but was also me looking in the mirror genuinely wondering if I was okay.” Rich guitars and new-wave vocal bounty are a packaged deal with the trio. The powerfully driven anthems, glisten with purpose on ‘Waiting’. Will we get better in this ever unrelenting reality? Victoria and Fragile Animals, wonder. Spitting out gumption, in the form of 90’s dark grunge like effect, ‘Waiting’ pounces with extremes, with ease and complexity. However, the lovingly proportioned antic of the lyrics versus the thumping drums, recount indignation and reticence that we all must face and conquer. Hope we all can conquer.

Fred Slacker – My life

‘My life’ was the first song written for this project. The song tells a story about a longtime loser whom’s luck is finally about to change. It’s an energetic power pop ballad which is uplifting, ironic and melancholic at once. Fred Slacker is an artist and producer. He writes, plays all instruments and produces all his songs by himself. After playing in different bands for several years it was about time to realize his own band project but without a band. He was done making compromises. FS is Berlin based, and brings the 90’s garage rock / post-punk goodness back to the fore – allowing us all to enjoy such voluptuous guitar driven fantasy that is ‘My Life’. With a chorus that exudes the traditions of bands like Greenday, Fall Out Boy, the song just grips with full intension, with an uppercut hook that is Mike Tyson-esque. A flowing and condensing single that preludes introductions, bypassing pasts of pasts. It’s a trip.

Damien McFly – My Cure

“‘My Cure’ is a song about waiting for each other no matter what,” stated Damien McFly. “Not being afraid of being hurt by what life is gonna bring in a relationship, always hoping for one lover to save the other one whenever he/she gets lost is the meaning behind this love song.” October 2015 saw the release of Damien‘s first original album entitled ‘Parallel Mirrors’. This earned him festival appearances at SXSW, Canadian Music Week (covered by Rolling Stone Italy), BBC Carfest, and others. With a wispy frivolity, mixed with an adoration for the descriptive, Damien’s single ‘My Cure’ is an anthemic blend in existential potentials of our hearts, matter-of-factly conscious, but never ever patronizing of our individual core beliefs. The decadent chorus of notes, launch with adept affection in this single, where it calmly and securely meld seamlessly with your listening heart. Damien is now working on the release of his new album due in 2020 with plans to tour UK Europe, Canada and USA. See Damien next @ Crich Corner, Treviso, Italy on November 22nd.


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