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Alex Dutty Takes It To Another… In ‘Imagine’. “The relentless hustler feel radiates through…”

With introductions proceeding this artist with the mostest, ALEX DUTTY, brings instant recognition from the first verse of ‘Imagine’. And to accommodate the lyrical roar, the visuals for the captivating rap song is finalized in this release.

“Lips keep runnin'”

Underground recognition and weight is what’s all about in this fabulous single, with the right ‘tap-tap’ of the percussion, to the aforementioned growl of the vocal sounds Alex delivers. The relentless hustler feel radiates through without difficulties, as a story of struggle and challenges, ends up with the spoils of victory and future promises.

Alex’s mix tapes have been nominated, 2 years running, from the OMA’s (Official Mixtape Awards) and the fans clamored for the entertainment that they were seeking in Alex’s distinct nuance style.

Enjoy this succinct and tasty music video.



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