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Alex McArtor Shares ‘Crazy’ Off Of Newest EP ‘Heart Talk’.

Alex McArtor brings happiness with ‘Crazy’. For us listeners, anyway. The song from the talented 17 year old from Texas, continues to impress as her alt/indie pop style of musical indulgence burns with every desire. ‘Crazy’ details playing with fire and inevitably getting burned. Then, moving on and learning to not touch the flame again.

“I was always into alternative bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain and artists like Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Led Zeppelin,” Alex said. “Plus, I grew up in Austin, which is obviously a musical city. All that inspired me.”

Alex recently released her debut EP, ‘Spoken Word’, produced by Aaron Kelley to critical acclaim. It’s an dreamy and epic tinged music debut that pulls inspiration from both classic rock and ‘90s alternative while showcasing the singer-songwriter’s powerful voice and pensive soul. It’s getting quite a rapturous response, as evidenced by the 3.5 million collective streams thus far.

Now the follow up to her debut EP, ‘Heart Talk’ brings a slightly different angle to her methods of music construction, and more apparent, the kind of direction she’d want to head in the near future, within her musical mainframe.

“The ‘Heart Talk’ title track is the most important song to me on this EP as it spawned a full album’s worth of material,” Alex added. “I vividly remember writing it in the dead of winter while I was at boarding school in New Hampshire. I wrote the song in under five minutes on an untuned piano… a really untuned piano,” she laughs. “It just spilled out of me so effortlessly and lifted this weight that I didn’t even know I had off my chest. I had taken a little break from writing songs that fall while away at school and that moment just made me realize how much I need it in my life. It’s the best way I can un-bottle and release emotions I have.”

Sky’s the limit, indeed.

See her next @ The Standard, East Village NYC, November 11th.



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