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Alex O’aiza // Ross John Martin // Xul Zolar // NIGHTMØDE // Palm Haze

Alex O’aiza – Keeper (feat. Nojo Wallace)

“‘Keeper’ is about betrayal, and serves as a stepping stone in my personal and artistic growth,” explained Alex. “This song is my first involving a featured artist, and I couldn’t be happier about how the whole thing turned out! It was inspired by my negative experiences from my previous musical project, but I guess betrayal in life and in relationships is a pretty universal experience and is something everyone can relate to.” A combination of pop, rock, and hiphop tinged thrust, the hybrid of many of the things good about music, keeps on kicking up the dust of innovation through this single. Along with Nojo, 19 year-old rapper from the Fort Worth area, the cylindric vibe of the buzzing and cooing circumstances of the song takes you on a hunt for treasures of your own wonder. Look out for more greatness from Alex.

Ross John Martin – Stay Here Forever

“I was looking for inspiration for lyrics to a new song so I took myself to a favourite place of mine. It’s way up high with a beautiful view and I wrote a song about the experience of writing the song. It’s about being in the now and enjoying the simple joy of nature and feeling at peace.” From illness from his formative years, to current and modern challenges, ROSS JOHN MARTIN has climbed many a walls. They could have beaten him down to nothing. Crushing his ambitions and life force. But discovering folk talents such as Nick Drake and John Martyn, took him out of that darkness. A personal darkness, which he’d thought no one could ever understand. With music, he’d discovered as well, that we’re all more alike than different, underneath it all. Ross’ music encourages, while revealing that bubbling detriment of life. Smiling together; singing in harmony.

Xul Zolar – Your Ways

XUL ZOLAR are ones to listen and watch. We’d been enamored with the band, like nothing else, in a long time. In their recently released 3 song EP ‘Nightfalls’, the Germany based super sonic alt-pop indie band, keeps a close proximity to grandeur. ‘Your Ways’ is another way that they make you fall in love with their music. We’d stated: “The veteran outfit (formed in 2011) creates captivating sounds with that insurmountable and unteachable vibe of angst and ‘naivite’ that describes the listener at heart. That can only mean that the songs that they’d created hits home and are majestically poignant, relatable, and dang good.” See Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier, Dennis Hofmann, and Dennis Enyan @ Bumann & Sohn in Cologne on September 25th w/ Köln.


“This song was written with my collaborator Austin Thomas (Spookyghostboy) about being in a long distance relationship. We recorded it at my studio and I produced/mixed the song. I want people to feel the idea of the person that you’re with fading in and out with the music, like when you’re in a long distance relationship sometimes you can feel the person next to you and other times they seem very distant.” The soft and comforting vocals deliver with an understated and electrifying performance, as the story keeps on delivering with might and consternation. ‘Halo’ is a supple order of satisfaction, with calming attributes, dowsing the anxieties, reclaiming the person we should be.

Palm Haze – Second Round

Their debut 7 track debut EP ‘Tangy Dream’. From then on, PALM HAZE, a post apocalyptically magnificent band from Vancouver, comes with daggers of lyrics, and melted grit in soulful existentialism. Blending alt rock, shoegaze and trip-hop influences vocalist/bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist/producer Lucas Inacio (aka Fløver) keeps their offering so beautifully nihilistic and sumptuously grandiose at the same time. With their now latest album ‘Rêve Bleu’ available for the masses, the duo balances the supple with the heavy with an expert taste buds of a top chef of sound. The twists and burns of ‘Second Round’ is a madness you want to gather in your arms, feeding it, and nurturing it – until you’re ready for your ultimate sacrifice.


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