Alex Oka ‘Crocodile Tears’ : Drapes vibes of antiquity and magisterial nothingness.

Alex Oka

Off of his latest 5 song EP ‘Crocodile Island’, Alex Oka successfully drapes vibes of antiquity and magisterial nothingness in this title track. A valiant concentration of point-on-point, the validity of the world, shrinks into focus, as the clamoring grit of reality, shines in colors of hues and emotions.

Producer, singer, and graphic designer based out of Brooklyn, New York, Alex results in the most decadent and profoundly personal.

“I just released my first solo debut album, called ‘Crocodile Island’,” Alex highlighted. “This is Vol. 1 in a series of 4. Each album will have a different environment, color, and sonic style associated with it. All the songs in the album blend together, and this will continue into each additional volume.”

In an act of empathy and community, Alex will donate “100% of proceeds (of his digital sales) will go to, which helping the fight against COVID-19 by preparing and distributing pre-packaged meals and food bags to vulnerable New York City residents.”


Let’s get in.


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