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Alex Siegel // Anja Kotar // Chris Jobe // Felix Jaehn // Alivia

Alex Siegel – Too Late (official video)

‘Too Late’ is the lead single off of Alex Siegel’s new EP ‘Up All Night’. Alex said of the song and the video: “I wanted to make a video that captures the flow of making a song, from writing down lyrics in a notebook to recording and mixing parts in the studio. I also wanted to feature a couple special places around LA that mean a lot to me. The ocean is one of course, and also Little Tokyo in downtown LA where I’ve loved going since I was little. We had a fun day exploring some of these spots as well as hanging out in my studio and this video is the result.” Californian based songwriter and producer, born and raised in Santa Monica, Alex cites jazz, bossa nova, folk, pop, and hip-hop in putting their 2-cents with which he tackles idols of subjects within his substantive songs. Rhythms of emotions, ripple through his expressive vocals, and when Alex’s waves, crash upon the wall of so many palisades, the heavens crack, in jest and curiously addictive matrimony. ‘Too Late’ is certainly one of those times.

Anja Kotar – House Party

Anja stated: “I wrote the song a few months ago when I was home alone and decided to have a nice evening in. I put on my favourite robe, ordered some pizza, grabbed some chocolate raisins, sat on the couch, and started looking through Netflix to figure out what was going to watch.” Burnout and over-burdensome vibes creep up your sensibilities, to the best of us. In ‘House Party’ joining those vibes with the realities of ‘self-time’ becomes an important facet of living, at times. That’s where Anja’s pop vocals gather you with a ‘wake up’ party of your own, as the batteries of your soul, gets recharged. Charming feelz in ‘House Party’. Perfect for your own party.

Chris Jobe – If You Knew How Loved You Are

Following his television debut on NBC’s Songland, Los Angeles based songwriter/producer Chris Jobe released his inaugural EP, ‘If You Knew How Loved You Are’. Said Chris: “‘If You Knew How Loved You Are’ is not a fluffy pop EP, but rather a collection of songs that touch on the struggles, highs, and lows of a modern-day 20-something relationship… centering around the two amazing-yet-heavy years that I’ve been with my girlfriend, dealing with addiction in our families, financial struggles as freelancers, and one very tough decision we made while being haggled by some extremely insensitive protesters.” Instilling the thoughts of the other; counting the days of which we live together on this Earth – same time and maybe at the right time. Will the concoction of love ever be completed to both sides’ satisfaction? Good question Chris. Good one indeed.

Felix Jaehn – Close Your Eyes (VIZE and Miss Li)

With pop sensibilities, the track is an instant feel good cut that provides pure and honest lyrics brought to life by Miss Li. Jaehn & Miss Li originally wrote the track together in Stockholm back in September 2018. VIZE are a Berlin-based duo, with their track ‘Stars’ featured in the first ever DJ set from space this past summer, and the rising producers have been nominated for a prestigious 1LIVE Krone Award for ‘Best Dance Act’. The veritable ambience in the vocals and the frame of the song, delights with classic dance pop admirations. The rhythms of sultry vibes and innuendos clamor for your ears’ attention, as you stride along that mighty road to love and affection. Ride worthwhile? Dang straight.

Alivia – Challenge

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Alivia is always looking to challenge herself—whether lyrically, vocally, or outside of the studio. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, the fiercely passionate artist is not afraid to open up when it comes to her music. Hot and decadent is where the challenge of one to the other, becomes the truth. Ambiguous dance of love, constructs into the genuine dance for affection. Touch of here, consumes with passion and delight. Originally from Long Island, NY, Alivia is settling into life on the west coast, where she continues to push her creative limits, define her own unique sound, and work on new material


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