Alex Siegel ‘Beauty Fades’ : Let’s get deep with our angst and worries. Embrace with the full thrust of your love and caress.

Alex Siegel

Alex Siegel’s newest offering, the double A-side single ‘Beauty Fades / Answer,’ delivers a resonant and timeless message. Dreamy vocals and lush, lo-fi indie pop production cast the spell his fans know and love.

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Alex cites jazz, bossa nova, folk, pop, and hip-hop in putting their 2-cents with which he tackles idols of subjects within his substantive songs. Rhythms of emotions, ripple through his expressive vocals, and when Alex’s waves, crash upon the wall of so many palisades, the heavens crack.

‘Beauty Fades’ continues this melodic, 70’s soft rock venue of emotions and succulent tell-tales. And when soundscapes of this aura collide with your listening pleasure, it’s heaven, right here on terrestrial earth.

Close your eyes. Let’s get deep with our angst and worries. Embrace with the full thrust of your love and caress.

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Very often making and sharing music feels like shouting into a void. You question yourself, feel rejected, wonder is anyone out there? You’re putting your heart and imagination on the line. And it hurts when it feels like no one cares. Then why do it at all? I think for some of us, to write songs and share our inner world in musical form is not a choice. It feels like something is moving through us, using our hands to give it shape and form so it can exist in our world. And it belongs to us no more than a tree or a wave crashing on the shore. But as it moves through us it takes on our essence; our experiences and hopes and memories give it color and life, make it human. To witness these musical beings take shape before my eyes is the most beautiful feeling. And that I get to share them with you – that’s a beautiful feeling too. So this is my long winded way of saying Thank You, each of you, for being here 💜 and for sharing your gifts with the world, and being part of this big experiment called LIFE! photos by @_mad_seagull_

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Sometimes it rains in LA.

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