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Alexander Biggs Shares ‘Miserable’. “I never changed, I just learned how to quit.”

There is a certain tenderness and caring when, the one you love, contemplates one day and asks whether this thing will work. The relationship that had defined the both of you, for a long time, has become a burden for one or the other. And it’s driving egg shells between the floor of contentment and sanity.

Melbourne based artist ALEXANDER BIGGS digs into this prevalent issue of the heart vs. practicality of living in this world. A dynamic blight in the story of a love that should continue like a fairy-tale, is often engaged in the sodomy of actual realities.

But many have survived, and thrived. So, why can’t you?

“’Miserable’ is a realisation that our own sadness can impact the ones around us,” said Alexander. “When I wrote it, it was almost like a soft plea – Am I weighing you down? Is my hurt hurting you? What are we going to do? – It was a consoling and an explanation, a conversation and a statement – a deep sigh and a head on the shoulder.”

Continued Alexander: “It was like a long timeline happening all at once. There was misery and joy and it was synchronous and fluid. I hope this song can speak to anyone who’s ever felt like they’re getting used to the boiling water, felt calloused and tough when they were trying to be soft, or anyone that’s ever found themselves asking the same question – Do I make you miserable?”

‘Miserable’ is an exercise of the heart and a see through drapery to the madness that we, creatures, go through.

A madness that is an integral part of us, and our world – daunting, sometimes, as it might be. We are one with it, and at many chapters, we become sad with the heaviness of heart and disappointments.

But many survive to this day. And thrive even further.

So, again.

Why can’t we?

‘Miserable’ is a beautiful folk landscape, delicate in its presence and texture.




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