Alexandra Lost ‘Fleeting Dance’ : Inter-spacially decadent, the duo of talents, guide us out to the world, once again.

Alexandra Lost / Photo: SAM ST ONGE

A seedy, almost vexing consultation for what’s next. It’s a feeling that is fulfilled in ‘Fleeting Dance’, another of the songs from Alexandra Lost. After releasing two acclaimed singles, Alexandra Lost played some of Québec’s indie festivals.

We’d said prior: “With their alter-ego vibes, with jutting audible hips, spiked musical heels and salutary good looking song subtleties, the outfit is a treasure trove of mis-deeds, done good. The wisdom of their arrangements, with tactful tongue in cheek vibes, delivers with gusto and triumph.”

In that culmination of hired synth aromatics, dance with chills of magnificence, both with lessons of story learned and disseminated. A progressively turbulent, but inter-spacially decadent, the duo of talents, guide us out to the world, once again.

Alexandra Lost is the brainchild of Jane Ehrhardt and Simon Paradis, two veterans of the Quebec City music scene armed with vintage synthesizers and well-crafted verse. Ehrhardt and Paradis are partners in both music and life. And together, they have nearly four decades of accumulated experience in the realms of independent music.

2020 will see the band release their first full-length album with Pantoum Records.


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